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What we do

We utilise a modular building process which enables fast turnaround and delivery from accepted drawings, generally within four weeks but often faster

Our switchboards are tailored to meet your specific project requirements and designed to fully comply with the new AS/NZS 61439 standard and Supply Authority Service Rules

Main Switchboards

  • Forms 1 through 4

  • IP ratings up to IP66

  • Fault ratings up to 65kA

  • Current ratings up to 3200A

Multi Metering

Designed to comply with AS3439/61439 and Supply Authority Service Rules, we specialise in multi industrial, commercial and domestic metering switchboards.


Options include:

  • CT metering

  • Whole current metering

  • Single and multi-phase

  • Dual tariff metering

  • Public light and power distribution

Distribution Panels

Ranging from small wall mounted load centres to 3200A free standing units designed for specific requirements including:

  • Cable entry and termination

  • Single or double sided

  • Indoor or outdoor IP rating

  • Paint Colour and finish

Pump Control Panels

We design and build pump control panels in a range of styles and sizes to suit individual requirements including:

  • DOL, Soft start or Speed Controlled VFD

  • Indoor or outdoor IP ratings

We also build

  • Solar NPU's from 20kW to over 1mW

  • Power factor correction panels

  • PLC marshalling panels 

  • Mechanical services panels 

  • Motor starters 

  • Specialised control panels 

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